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last night at an NRA party i excpreesed some of my views with a fellow NRA member (and if your looking for tolerance on your views and intelligent debates there's no place like the national rifle association~ >_> )

first let me tell you what i was called ... Anti American, Terrorist, Muslim, Liberal Fuck, [Homosexual], Communist and many other words i wont say and i want to address some of this

Anti American, I am NOT an anti american, I am more american than 90% of people ... i dont hate america, i LOVE america, I am anti-american government and i think it needs major change to keep this nation running strong
i was one of the stupid ones who thought obama would change everything ... no ... he was getting there but he totally swapped sides for what? reelection ... the american system is flawed ... for many diffrent ways
mainly we have this Republican VS democratic system where there is a content battle between democratic and republican politicians (and all Americans for that matter) and this is a fundamentally flawed system as when one group comes up with something the other group automatically opposes it and nothing gets done .... both sides have different views and different resins why they believe there side is best
than whatever side is able to lie and buy and scare Americans in to believing what they believe is best successfully is the side that gets what they want no matter what the truth is .... simply because of what the media says
we are a country who for the most part is controlled by the media ... now i know your saying "yah BS paranoia conspericy therys" ... okay you tell me when was the last time you actually read a bill your self before desiding if you like it or not? yeah im sure most of you have NOT.  a good example of this is the P.A.T.R.O.I.T. act ... still many people just think PATRIOT ACT = Terrorist stopping act but most dont know exactly what the bill says ... in general it strips you of all your rights you had before and turns us in to a sudo Chinese military controlled country ... here read it… ... it makes it legal to tap any and every phone, search any house without probable cause or a warrant, arrest anyone and hold them without trial, lawyer, human rights, or anything for as long as they want, revoke our freedom of speech and control nearly any and everyone with no concaquence ... we put this in to law to "help fight the terrorists" ... the terrorists hate us because of our freedom ... they terrorized us in to restriction the rights they hated ... they won ... i HATE the fact that they won and i wished they never did
we need to set up SOME sort of media source controlled by someone who is not alloud to take sides and simply give facts ... like a teacher ... if you want the simple facts on somthing there is a simple place you can go without all the confusing government lingo and where all the facts are read and make you make your own desisions
people need to stop making desisions on what one bias person or network tells you ... fox, CNN, MSNBC all stretch the truth to make you believe what they believe

we need to move more from a representative democracy and more towards a true democracy ... we have cellphones, computers, smart phones and loads of resources to see what the public actully thinks on a topic without having a vote 2 times a year to see what we think on a few topics and vote for people who we think will vote for us ... receiving a text once every week or so asking us what we want ... is that so hard?
we dont need someone else to make decisions for us we can do that our selves ... what happened to allowing US to choose whats best for US

Terrorist. ... lul wut? .. okay that is wayyyy out there ... but i have been called a "cyber terrorist" for what i have been done in the past on a computer and attacking for my cause ... okay for one the word "terrorist" is almost no longer understood by its definition ... a "terrorist" is someone who uses the soul act of terror to get what they want ... in the loose definition of it you can call the FDA terrorists for putting warnings on ciggerett packages .. anti drug groups terrorists for scarring people out of using drugs ... but i think the proper defonition is more "someone who uses violent acts with the intention of scaring a government in to doing what they believe is best regardless of human life" ... can we all agree that this is the proper modern defonition? i guess that would be more like a militant terrorist but whatever ... no i am and was FAR from a cyber terrorist ... i was an activist showing my displease of a controlled internet and i am an internet soldier who will at any point defend the free internet just as i would pick up a gun to protect the united states form another country coming in and trying to strip my freedom ... if or when the time comes where the freedom of the internet is directly threatened and the last free place on earth is controlled, monitord and censored i will take off my white hat put on a black hat, sit on my computer and do whatever i can to keep my freedom
if the internet is aloud to be controlled by anyone government do you think the libian revolution would have happened? the egyption revolution? the iran protests? nope ... and any government that tried to control and censor the internet is just afraid and trying to prevent a revolution against them selves in my eyes .. if the government is paranoid about security of them selves and worried about stupid people giving there credit card info to a "Nigerian prince" than make your own damn internet ... its not hard ... all you need is a computer, some wire and a server and never hook it up to the open internet and BAM you have your own personal secure internet and you can regulate that alllll you damn well please but because we have our internet that's as open and as shared and is as far reaching as the air we breathe and no one has the right to govern the internet

Muslim, ... Muslim ... a religion ... im a Buddhist Catholic ... i say im a Buddhist Catholic than i am a Buddhist Catholic and who the hell do you think you are claiming im a diffrent religion ... its like me telling you to think of a word and i say dog and you say cat and i say no you thought dog and i dont care what you say you said dog
there is NOTHING wrong with being a Muslim ... its a great religion and it has allot of good values but if you say your not than your not if you say you are than you are its that damn simple ... same goes for obama

Libral Fuck, im NOT a liberal ... im NOT a Conservative .. im independent gun toting, pro-choice, gay marriage supporting, less government supporting, separation of church and state supporting INDEPENDENT i believe some of what some sides believe and if you say i have to choose one side or the other i say i dont have to do jack shit ... you cant tell me what i believe in and i have a resion for EVERYTHING i believe and facts to back it up ... im VERY logic and math driven and i dont support something just because i "should"

[Homosexual] (yeah not saying the word he used) .... im not gay ... im not str8 ... im bisexual ... its not a choice ... i have a girlfriend and i would give my life for her, i love her very much and im very happy with her ... if i had a boyfriend i would gladly do the same and i dont see the diffrence between the two i do have an agenda ... equal rights ... but i wont force my views on to someone and i dont want to turn anyone gay or straight, yeah if you call me a "faggot" to my face i will kick your fucking head in ... not to force you to accept anything i just find that to be an offensive word and i have my self respect to uphold

Communist - no ... i do not think we all should share ... if i work harder than you i deserve more money than you ... do i think all big corporations are bad? hell no ... i LOVE Google ... i like Microsoft ... i like intel and i like IBM ... i think trump, apple and many others are evil corporations that trick the public in to making them money no matter who it hurts
if i made a successful company i have every right to get a big ass house and a fast car and pointless unnessary things because it makes me happy but i have no right to treat the people who basically gave me my wealth like crap or endanger anyone because i want more money ... i would donate, make sure all my customers are happy and enjoy my self at the same time ... because its the right thing to do and i dont think of anyone as being any more or less than me
i was told "the only way to be successful in america is to step on toes, lie, cheat and steel." yeah thats not the only way ... yes it is one way and maybe one of the easiest ways but not my way and i will find a way to get sucessful and not purposefully hurt anyone or die trying

well anywho i was out all last night and got no sleep so if i rambled or wahtever oh well ill clean it up when i get a chance

-not read-
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Sergi1865 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
Good to see you stood your ground, too many don't. as for the NRA I will admit I support them ONLY as they stand for our gun rights..they do seem hate military arms though so FUCK YOU to them. I love my black rifles and I'm keeping them. as for your religious views I have nothing bad to say but again I'd not mention any of that at an NRA meeting.. Your business beliefs are refreshing, as as well Partner ;) but hmm it seems you ran afoul of the hardliners...I am sorry for that but it is one of those things that has its uses; mainly to make you think.
AntiImage Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Student
bundle of sticks :iconimhappyplz:

government wont change XC
TheGod2B Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
When you said bi-sexual, I smiled. YOU'RE AWESOME!!
TheGod2B Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
ACH, just a bunch of haters that can't work with their minds. You got swag!
dandakobajai Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I'd like to go to USA one day and to talk with people IRL. I find American people funny and straight to the point and we have to read about you guys in our social science text book. lol
parangsakti Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
haha, as expected from the society of shooters looking for something to shoot at. =p

But yeah, I respect you for standing up for equality.
theojeca Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
Are they frickin serrious? geez, it's afraiding...

Well, it really need a constuctive andintelligent answer and comment for this but I'm afraid my english is not good enough for allowing me to try one...

So I'm just gonna say that I agree with all what you've written.

I really need to practice more english and learn more vocab (etc) to have fruitful conversation with people...
BiOzZ Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
lol yeah someone without very good english trying to read from someone else with not very good english is not very good XP i dont blame you

hehe i can write it in russian but i dont think thats very helpful to a Frenchwomen XD
theojeca Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
haha I don't think it'll be helpful too XP

But at least, I hunderstand arguments and what you're talking about. The problem is not the comprehension but the communication...
theojeca Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
And I've missed again to put an "S" at need because 3'rd person... (it needs) and some other things I guess...
Yeah, crappeh english...
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